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Yes, this web site is just what the title proclaims it to be; it contains much of my family tree - a compilation of the genealogy research I and members of my family have done over the years. This is an ongoing project, and hopefully will become more detailed as more information is uncovered.

Although some of the information on this site was obtained through family sources, I discovered much of it on my own by spending literally hundreds and hundreds of hours pouring over microfilmed church records, searching the internet, and by looking through US and UK census data. I have also been fortunate enough that while researching my ancestry, I have found cousins all over the world which I never knew I had, and hope some day to meet. Gayle Nee, Walter and Patrick White, June Gilfillan and Kayleen Vallance, as well as John and Eileen Hendry, have graciously allowed me to include some of their information in this site.

The bulk of the Johnson and McCartney origins center around Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Denmark, starting with the Johnson, McCartney, Johnston and Mühlbauer (Milbauer) families. There are many different branches of this family tree, so I have made a master list of surnames. And once I scan and restore them a bit, I will also be including some photos which I have been fortunate enough to find.

And last, but certainly not least, please visit my links page, where I have listed other sites that might be of interest to someone researching these surnames. I have also included links to some of my favorite genealogy information sites.